A Simple DIY E-Liquid Mixing Calculator

Are you saving money and using our 72mg nicotine and flavours to make your own TPD compliant e-liquid? Well, now creating your own vape juice has become that much simpler!

Our free to use e-liquid calculator makes things easy by having the nicotine concentrate at 72mg and the flavour set to 20%, by default.

Input your Targeted Nicotine Level and Amount to Create, click the Calculate button, and you can clearly see exactly how much of the nicotine, PG/VG and flavour you need to add to an empty bottle to get the required strength.

Best of all, the calculations are shown in millilitres (ml) as well as percentages (%), to simplify the whole process of manufacturing your own e-juice recipes.

Simple Nicotine Calculator




*This simple vape juice calculator is pre-set to 72mg/ml nicotine and 20% PG-based flavour. The results of the PG/VG Level will be shown as a total. If you require a specific PG/VG mix, you simply need to treat the 20% flavour as 20% PG, and workout the desired mix.