We do not provide products on a “sale or return bases”, or a trial basis. Unwanted/incorrect/wrongly ordered items can be returned within 14 days of the date of ordering, providing the following conditions are met:

  • Products must be returned in the original packaging, with all items/accessories
  • Products must be returned in a ‘as new’ condition so they are suitable for resale
  • Products must not be liquids, unless deemed faulty or damaged
  • All products must be unopened and unused

None Liquid Items

None-liquid items (none-liquid hardware, empty bottles etc) can be returned if they meet the conditions above.

You are responsible for the cost of returning unwanted or wrongly ordered goods to us, including adequate insurance cover, a note of return in the package, and that you post with proof of delivery (tracking). As any returned items we receive without providing proof of delivery and a note of return will not be credited. We also must be informed before you return any items, so we can validate your request if possible.

In addition, if returning unwanted/incorrect/wrongly ordered items, the original postage fee will be deducted and we may, at our discretion, apply a restocking fee of 20% of the total order value. If you are requesting alternative items be sent out, we will add any additional postage cost to send the alternative items once the original items have been returned. This postage cost must be paid before we can ship out replacements.

Liquid Items

Liquid items (e-liquid, flavour concentrates, nicotine, enhancers, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine) are classed as consumable items and are of a bespoke nature, therefore they cannot be exchanged or returned once shipped (unless faulty – see below), as we cannot guarantee they have not been opened or tampered with.

Taste is subjective, and thus is not a basis for requesting a return of the liquids. We recommend all consumers to purchase small 10ml sizes to make a subjective decision, before placing orders of larger bottles or quantities, to avoid disappointment. If you require more information, please contact us before purchasing.

Each liquid item is under its own warranty, so you are requested to test each item independently on every delivery. If you have an issue that is discovered after mixing, we can only take things further with the single item that is causing the issue per se, and cannot replace the other items in the mix.

Faulty Items

A faulty item is considered to be a liquid product that is:

  • Visibly incorrect (example, being sent freebase nic shot instead of salt nic shot, as stated on the label)
  • Missing flavour (only applicable to e-liquids and generally evident, for some, by the lack of any colour/tint)
  • Evidently different viscosities to what were purchased (incorrect PG/VG ratios)
  • Observable levels of oxidation, by our discretion (only applicable to freebase nicotine over a certain colour threshold, as most nicotine salts can naturally be darker. Ultimately, We would not ship out nicotine that is oxidised to the extent that issues occur)

Visibly incorrect items must be unused to be returned. We cannot provide credit, goodwill or replacements for used items or liquids.

“Personal preference” due to taste or opinions, as well as “descriptions not entirely matching tastes” are not qualifiable as reasons to deem liquid items as faulty, as mentioned in the Liquid Items section.

None-Fault Refunds

An order that has been packed and requires a full refund before shipping (cancellation), or if a parcel is returned due to having the incorrect shipping address or is missing address information, will have 10% of the total order value plus £2.00 deducted from the refund, to cover the costs related to: packaging, labour; restocking or disposing fee for bespoke liquid items, and refund processing fee.

None-Fault Returns

We do not provide return-labels. All returned items are at your own cost. You are required to pay a re-deliver fee plus £1.00 in order for us to dispatch the parcel again.


These do not affect your usual consumer rights, including your right to claim a refund or replacement where the goods are deemed damaged or faulty. Faulty and damaged items can only be replaced within the warranty period of 14 days as mentioned, however, and sufficient evidence and proof must be provided within this timeframe.

Orders cannot be cancelled or refunded once shipped. The order must be sent back to us for a refund, in respect of this Returns Policy.

It is your responsibility to check and test the items, on delivery, within the warranty period.

We cannot take things further after 14 days from the date of purchase. Exceptions are only made where the order has not been delivered by the rare occurrence time-frames stated on the Shipping Information page, where the warranty period has passed, at which time we can then simply refund the order or re-ship the same order, if there are genuine issues at the time.

Our hardware warranty covers 30 days from the day of ordering. After 30 days, we request you contact the manufacturer of the hardware device on the details provided with the product.

All orders have a 6 months window, in order for us to provide support. This is mainly due to the majority of our products being bespoke, and thus cannot be re-shelved.

For international orders: we can only provide a replacement or refund if there is no delivery to an EU or World country after 30 days from when the parcel has left the UK (parcel scanned at the airport), evident by the tracking status.

For international orders: if a parcel is returned to us by your local customs office we can provide a refund minus any postage costs incurred during sending and any additional cost of return charged to us. If a parcel is seized by your local customs office, this will be your responsibility as the customer to resolve the issue, and a refund cannot be given unless the items are returned – minus any additional costs (shipping fee, return fee, customs fee etc). For disposed/destroyed items/parcels, no refund can be provided.

For international orders: all packages are sent with declarations forms filled in correctly. If an order is returned due to declaration issues by your customs, we can provide a refund minus any postage costs incurred during sending and any additional cost of return charged to us, as stated above.

For international orders: as a customer who chooses to have products shipped to a country outside of the UK, you are willingly taking all responsibility for your purchased order. You also acknowledge as a customer/importer that you are aware of the laws pertaining to the import of any of the items purchased, and you are responsible for adhering to local legislation and laws. If you have any special conditions or requirements, simply contact us and we will do our best to help.

By checking out and placing an order you agree that you have read, understood, and accepted the Returns, Cancellations & Warranty information, as well as the Disclaimer & Terms stated.