Wholesale USP Liquid Nicotine UK (Freebase & Salts) & Cheap Nicotine Shots

The best vape liquid nicotine concentrates online, at cheap prices. USP / EP grade certified products, and independently lab verified. Fresh stock delivered regularly, so supreme quality is assured.

Choose from freebase and nicotine salts, and any Propylene Glycol (PG) & Vegetable Glycerine (VG) mix ratios.

Great for DIY e-juice mixers and manufacturers. Feel free to send us a message if you require advise on how best to use and store these products.

Want a quick fix and not feeling up to the task of mixing with 72mg? We also supply wholesale TPD nicotine shot boosters, at the lowest prices online! These generally come in a safe 18mg strength, and can boost your shortfill e-liquids with ease. As well as Nicotine Base PG/VG Mixes, available in all ratios and standard strengths.


All our nicotine containing products presented on this page, (excluding shots), as well as 72 mg / ml (7.2% concentrate) nicotine are for B2B purchase. They are also provided for: (a) the use in manufacturing TPD products that full comply with The Tobacco and Related Product Regulations 2016, as well as for (b) the use in manufacturing other products that are exempt from the scope of the The Tobacco and Related Product Regulations 2016.

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72mg Nicotine Concentrate (Freebase)


72mg Nicotine Salts


Nicotine Base PG/VG Mixes


SALTS Nicotine Salt Shots (30% PG / 70% VG)

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Sub Zero Ice Nicotine Shots (30% PG / 70% VG)

Original price was: £14.99.Current price is: £7.99.

Always take necessary precautions when handling and storing. Please store in a cool, dry and dark environment with lids on tight. For longer storage and to increase shelf-life, product can be stored in a freezer. Keep away from children and animals.

As nic is considered a natural product, certain batches will have slight colour / tint variations, especially nic salts. We do not chemically bleach the products like some vendors do, so they may not always appear extremely clear, but we will always ship out acceptable batches that taste and vape excellently without issues. So, you're in good-hands!

All products presented are shipped securely in HDPE containers or bottles with CRC caps, for extra safety.

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