World famous My E-Liquid Supplies “MES Shot” Bottle Shots – our own one-shot long fill concentrates specifically for DIY vaping, in oversized 500ml bottles.

These super secret flavours are not available in our Flavour Concentrate range, and were developed during months of R&D to ensure they are super delicious and coil friendly.

Flavours created with the taste of mesh-coil disposable vapes in mind, ensuring there are no other flavours on the market that can come even close.

Packing an impressive 25% flavour (125ml) in a 500ml bottle, you can now mix your own vape juice by simply topping up with PG/VG, nicotine base or nic shots, with absolutely no flavour dilution!

Best of all, they can be used with any vape device or pod system. There is also no need for measuring equipment – simply mix and shake, and enjoy these unique out of the world flavours!

More My E-Liquid Supplies Bottle Shot flavours coming soon!

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Ensuring a fool-proof experience in crafting your own DIY e-liquids, MES Shot bottle shots simplify the process beautifully. They offer an ideal gateway to concocting your own vape juice, and seamlessly blend convenience and flavour, without hassle.

What Are MES Shot Bottle Shot Concentrates?

Creating DIY e-liquids typically involves investing in flavour concentrates, base liquids, nicotine shots / nicotine base, and empty bottles - with the added complexity of recipe evolution and precise ingredient measurement.

Achieving the correct flavour concentration involves intricate calculations. Bottle shots alleviate some of these complexities by providing a 500ml bottle containing a concentrated flavour, constituting 25% of the bottle. All that's left is to add your base liquid and nicotine - be it freebase or nicotine salt.

Bridging the gap between DIY juice, short fills and long fills, bottle shots allow you to choose your preferred PG/VG ratio for your e-liquids, providing a generous amount of juice for your vape tank or pod. If time is a constraint but you still desire the satisfaction of mixing your own juice, bottle shots are the way to go.

Our MES Shot Bottle Shot Flavours

The bottle shot collection offers a diverse range of impressive flavours, catering to even the most discerning vaping palate. Each flavour in the unique collection has been perfected by our team, eliminating the need for experimentation.

How To Use Bottle Shots

Creating amazing e-liquids is easy with our bottle shots. All you need to add is a VG/PG base mix and some nicotine shots, or make it even simpler with our Nicotine Base PG/VG Mix.

Equipped with a spout cap, the bottle shots eliminate the need for additional equipment such as syringes or pipettes.

Here is a simple guide to mix MES Shot Bottle Shots:

1. Purchase the appropriate number Nicotine Shots, or a specific strength of Nicotine Base PG/VG Mix. If the Nicotine Base PG/VG Mix will not be used, purchase 0mg PG/VG base liquid instead.

2. Keeping in mind that the flavour concentrate in the bottle shot is classed as 100% PG, so the base mix should be a higher VG to complement this, ensuring a better end-result.

3. Calculate your recipe using an online e-liquid calculator, or simply send us a message on our 24/7 customer support email or FB page messenger.

4. If needed, add any additional flavours, Koolada or enhancers to the bottle shot, and shake thoroughly.

5. Add the nicotine shots and fill the rest of the bottle up with 0mg PG, VG or base mix below the base of the neck. Alternatively, if you are using Nicotine Base PG/VG Mix, then use this instead of the 0mg PG/VG base and nic shots.

6. Shake the bottle vigorously for 30 seconds, ensuring an even mix. Leave bottle to steep as advised on the recommended times printed on the label.

DIY E-Liquid Made Simple & Easy

Mixing your own e-liquids is not only enjoyable but can also save you money. Bottle shots make the process more manageable, sparing you from the frustration of perfecting flavours.

By using bottle shots, you can bypass TPD volume restrictions and tailor your juice to suit both your taste preferences and device specifications.

Enjoy a continuous supply of delightful bottles. Whatever flavour you crave, our MES Shot bottle shots will hit the spot.