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Guide to Recycling Disposable Vapes: Everything to Know


Don’t Litter, Recycle Your Vape Instead

You love disposable vapes, but don’t know what to do when they’re empty? Not to worry, we’ll guide you on how to recycle your vape ethically, for the good of the planet.

With all the recent efforts to cut down carbon emissions, by simply switching to e-cigarettes, you’re creating a positive impact on the environment regarding waste disposal and reducing carbon footprint.

By using disposable vapes, you may enjoy the different brands and flavours and can reduce harm to your body. However, like most waste they can cause pollution unless the vape products are recycled ethically and responsibly.

So, how do you recycle disposable vapes properly? Here we will guide you on how to recycle each part of your e-cigarette without causing any environmental impact.


Recycling Disposable Vapes: Is It Possible?

Absolutely! Based on the type of disposable vape you are using, you will be able to recycle the entire kit, or at least most of the various parts.

The best way to recycle disposable vapes is to separate each part. While opening the e-cig kit, make sure to go through the packaging, as it gives you information on which parts of the disposable vape kit can be recycled.

Typically, disposable vape devices consist of a vape coil, vape tank filled with vape juice, and a non-rechargeable battery. Let’s find out how to recycle each part in detail.


Recycling E-cigarettes or Vape Batteries

After all, the main component of a vape device is its battery, and it can be recycled. Most e-cigarettes use lithium-ion batteries, and improper disposal can damage the environment. If these batteries are not disposed of correctly, they may end up in a landfill site where the chemicals will leak and cause soil and water pollution.

Based on the type of battery used in the device, be it removable or a built-in battery, the recycling method differs.

  • Recycling vape pens with removable batteries: all you need to do is remove the battery from the e-cigarette and take it to the local battery recycling point or dispose of it in the recycling bin found at a local recycling centre.
  • Recycling vapes with built-in batteries: For built-in battery vape pens, you cannot discard them at battery recycling points as the device contains electrical elements. In such cases, for proper disposal, you’ll have to find a specialist e-waste centre.


Recycling Vape Tanks

The batteries in the vape pen are not the only issue. The tank or pod can contain nicotine e-liquid, and if ingested by an animal or a child who finds it, it can cause potential harm. That’s why it’s important to recycle or dispose of vapes properly to avoid polluting the environment and causing safety issues.

Vape tanks consist of metallic parts, rubber seals, and a glass sleeve to hold the e-liquid together. In most cases, the glass used in these tanks is made using Pyrex and must be disposed of separately. The metallic parts of the kit cannot be recycled at home, so they must be separated and taken to the local recycling centre to dispose of as scrap metal. To avoid contamination, the rubber parts can be separated and disposed of as general waste.


Recycling Vape Coils

Each e-cigarette consists of a vape coil made of wrapped metallic wire and a cotton wick that absorbs the e-liquid and turns it into vapour. Though most coils are removable, some have fixed coils inside the pods that can be difficult to separate. You’ll have to check the user manual for recycling instructions in such cases.

If you can remove the coil from the pod, recycle the metallic parts at the local recycling centre. As for the coil, remove the cotton mesh or wick before you dispose of the coil in normal household recycling system.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to recycling disposable vapes, it’s worth looking at the kit first. Our Frunk Bar disposable vape is very easy to recycle, so we do consider it, as it is a really simple device that packs tons of flavour.

While some of the materials and plastics used in the vape can be recycled, some can’t be. So, before you throw them into the trash bin, take care to dispose of the parts responsibly.

Also, it’s advisable to look out for fully recyclable disposable vape pens to reduce the carbon imprint and make the world a better place to live in.

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