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5 Reasons to Vape Without Nicotine


Seriously, There Are Reasons To Try 0mg E-Liquid

When e-cigarettes first came to light, they were intended as a substitute for smoking. That meant that smokers could get their nicotine hit yet avoid the carcinogenic stuff like tar getting into their lungs.

For many people, even now, vaping and nicotine are intertwined, and they feel that one cannot exist without the other. However, the best part about vapes is choosing the nicotine strength you desire. So, if you want zero nicotine (0mg), that is an option.


Why Is It a Good Idea to Try Vaping Without Nicotine?

Most vaper’s first begin vaping to wean off their nicotine addiction, until they are completely off nicotine.

Some people continue to vape 0mg even after they are off cigarettes. Others have never used nicotine and still vape. Then, some use both nicotine and non-nicotine products.

The reasons why it is a good option to vape without nicotine are:

1. Free from the toxicity of nicotine

This is the most obvious reason to vape without nicotine. Most e-liquids that are nic free are made with food-grade ingredients. If you have children around, it is best to use nicotine-free vapes. Even a small accidental hit of nicotine can be risky for young children.

2. None-addictive

With zero nicotine, there is nothing addictive about a vape. Nicotine is an addictive substance, and when you leave it out, the potential addictiveness is also out. The non-nicotine e-juice is not made from tobacco, so it does not contain any chemicals that can make it an addictive.

3. Enjoy a break from nicotine

If you tend to go overboard with nicotine usage, you will feel the side effects. It could be dizziness, lethargy or a buzzed feeling, or just plain old sickness with too much nicotine in your system. Your body needs a break from this brutal onslaught. This is the time to use a vape with zero nicotine. You still feel like you are smoking, but you are doing it without nicotine – the oral fixation is still in play.

4. Satisfy sugar cravings

Many vapers say that vaping helps them fend off sugar cravings and even snacking. For people who are trying to control their sugar intake, such as those with diabetes, vaping without nicotine can be a good option. Many diabetic vapers feel happy to use flavours that they are restricted from eating, to satisfy their cravings.

5. Cheaper with more options

If you have budget constraints, you can choose non-nicotine e-liquids. They are generally lower priced and can be a good bargain. Moreover, there are many other options in nicotine-free e-liquids. CBD and other cannabis products are available in vape form. and are said to be a better option than e-liquids with nicotine.

Apart from these, there are other reasons why you can try vaping without nicotine:

  • You get a smoother vaping experience
  • More flavour options and a truer taste
  • Nicotine-free juices are free of drugs so that you will show negative on any tests
  • Less harmful to your health


Can Vaping Without Nicotine Be Completely Safe?

Vaping has some side effects regardless of whether it is 0mg or not. Some of these could be:

  • When heated, the components in the vape liquid can cause irritation in the mouth and airways.
  • Vaping can trigger the immune system response and cause inflammation. This is mostly seen in the lungs and throat.
  • Some flavouring additives in e-liquids can harm the blood vessels in the heart, leading to vascular conditions.



There is documentation and research to show nicotine’s harmful effects, so vaping without nicotine appears to be safer and a better decision.

Luckily for you, we stock nicotine free e-liquid in over 200 flavours, at the lowest prices online. Moreover, if you can enjoy the different flavours without worrying too much about your health, why not give 0mg vaping a try?

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