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Vaper’s Tongue: What Is It and How to Avoid It?


I Can’t Taste Anything!

Have you heard of “vaper’s tongue”? Though it is quite a well-known condition, first-time vapers may find it disconcerting. There is nothing to worry about, almost all vapers are affected by this at one time or the other, and it usually lasts from one to 3 days.

Vaper’s tongue causes you to either lose the sense of taste or experience differences in taste capability. What was once your favourite flavour can now taste horrible, or you may not feel any taste at all. If this has happened to you, you are not alone.


What Causes Vaper’s Tongue?

Certain factors can cause a vaper’s tongue. These include:

Sticking to one flavour for too long

If you keep using the same flavour for a long time, your taste buds can develop fatigue. You may find the taste different or lose the sense of taste completely.

Taste buds are damaged

One of the most common causes of a vaper’s tongue is damaged taste buds. It could be due to an infection, excess alcohol, smoking, extremely sour or spicy foods, certain medications, etc.

Dehydration and dry mouth

Dehydration and a lack of saliva can lead to a loss of taste. Both these problems are somewhat connected, and it is best to remain hydrated as much as possible.

Cold and blocked nose

It may surprise you, but our sense of taste is connected to the sense of smell. When your nose is blocked, you will notice that you are not able to make out different flavours, and your sense of taste is subdued.

Medicines and illnesses

Some illnesses like flu and cold can cause vaper’s tongue because you can easily lose your sense of taste due to them. Many other issues, such as a head injury or certain nerve-related problems, can also be a cause. Certain medicines can also cause loss of taste as a side effect.

If the liquid is out of date

E-liquids have a shelf life, and if you notice an off smell or taste that is different to what you’re used to, you should not use them. Using an expired e-liquid may affect your taste buds and cause other issues.


Can You Avoid a Vaper’s Tongue?

Though it is not a serious problem, if you want to avoid getting vaper’s tongue, you can try one of the following things.

  • Use different flavours: this is probably the simplest solution; just keep changing your e-liquid flavours from time to time. Change the vape flavour and return to your favourite flavour after a couple of weeks. This can keep your taste buds active and the taste fresh.
  • Try stronger flavours: if you are not getting the same taste from your favourite flavour, try a stronger flavour like ice menthol. This will bring the balance back to the taste buds, and then you can go back to your favourite.
  • Hydration: this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep vaper’s tongue at bay. Drinking water throughout the day keeps the palate clean and does not let the mouth get dry.
  • Smell coffee beans: seriously. Professional wine tasters smell coffee beans to reset their sense of taste. If you notice a slight dip in your sense of taste, try smelling fresh coffee beans.
  • Lemon: like coffee, the citrusy taste has been used to freshen the palate and rebalance the taste buds. Sucking on a slice of lemon or a little lemon juice can do the trick.



Remember that the vaper’s tongue is not a serious issue, but ensuring that you use only premium quality vape e-liquids can be better for you. They offer better experience and consistency, along with higher safety to the users.

If vaper’s tongue persists for a long time, then it is better to consult your doctor.

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