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How to Maintain Safety When Mixing Your DIY E-Liquid


A Small Guide to Safely Mix Vape Juice

Vaping has emerged as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. Cigarettes can deliver a blend of 7,000 chemicals into your lungs. That can be pretty harmful, but e-cigarettes are much safer.

E-cigarettes use e liquids to deliver your favourite flavour without any known serious health issues. That’s why over 50 million people chose e-liquid over tobacco and other nicotine substances.

Affordable e-liquids are another reason behind the growing popularity of vaping. If you like to vape, you don’t need to visit supply stores time and again to get your all-day flavour. You can prepare it at home, save some money, and enjoy the freshly created vape juice.

Homemade vape juice taste natural in taste, but the mixing process doesn’t come without risks! A little negligence can cause serious health issues; therefore, you should be extra-cautious when preparing e-juice at home.

Continue reading to learn how to maintain safety when mixing your DIY e-liquid.


First Learn and Then Try!

If you are checking this post, you aren’t a regular DIY e juice vaper. Are you planning to get into action while learning it? That can be risks, especially when you don’t know how to handle supplies safely!

Use the internet to learn how to mix e liquid for vaping. Check some Youtube videos, read some guides (like this one), and ask on forums for help if possible. It will prepare you for the process and significantly reduce the risk of any mishap during the mixing process.

You can also contact us at ay time for free personalised advise.


Get the Supplies Required for Mixing the E-Liquid

Do not plan to use kitchen utensils to blend your mixes! Vape Mixing Accessories & equipment are available for mixing your own vape juice, and maintain the quality of the products.

You are mixing chemicals; therefore, you should get items designed to mix those chemicals.

You may need the following supplies:

  • Empty bottles
  • PG and/or VG base*
  • Nicotine*
  • Syringes with blunt needles
  • Flavouring concentrate(s)

*These items depend on how you want to mix. For much simpler solutions, feel free to contact us for free tailored instructions.

If you require your liquids to be enhanced (sweeter, colourful, nutty etc), then you should also consider Vape Juice Enhancers.

Protective items you need include the following:

    • Nitrile gloves to protect your hands.
    • Goggles for eye safety.
    • A long lab coat to full cover your arms.
    • Protective tray to prevent spilling chemicals on the table.
    • A cleaning sponge.
  • A robust cleaning solution to get rid of spilled materials.

All the listed items can be readily available online. So, place the order to be well-equipped with the required products to blend your e juices.


Avoid Pure Nicotine!

You may think e-liquid brands blend pure nicotine, flavourings, PG, and VG, but that’s not true! Pure nicotine is dangerous; therefore, e juice brands avoid it to prevent toxicity – and any pure nicotine work is generally handled by professionals.

It is not just the e liquid that becomes toxic due to mishandling pure nicotine. The substance can enter into your body through skin and cause serious health concerns. Therefore, you must avoid using it when mixing DIY e-liquid at home.

You should look for diluted nicotine for your e-juice. Excess amounts of diluted nicotine can also be harmful. So, be careful when dealing with it and know what you are doing.


Calculate the Nicotine Strength Before Using It

If you are going to blend nicotine into your e-liquid recipe, you should test its strength before using it. You may need to do some math in order to find the correct dose of diluted nicotine for your e-liquid. Or, you can use an online Nicotine Mixing Calculator to get the job done. It will prevent you from blending excess nicotine into your mixes!


Store Vape Ingredient Liquids and Equipment Carefully

Always mix carefully, and keep the supplies and liquids away from kids and pets.

You should keep your e-liquid chemicals and supplies locked away. Do not let kids play with bottles and equipment you use to blend the e juice. Keep those supplies out of kids’ and pets’ reach to avoid accidents.

Refer to our How to Handle & Store Liquid Nicotine Properly guide for more information.

We hope you would take all the above-mentioned precautions before trying your hand in preparing your own vape DIY e-liquid mixes.

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