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A Simple Guide to Outdoor Vaping


Outdoor Vaping – Don’t Get It Twisted

As the season’s change and warmer weather appears on the horizon, our thoughts begin to turn to the great outdoors, of soaking up the sun and feeling the fresh air and the adventures that can be formed. For many vape users, the chance to get outside and take your e liquid with you is a promising and satisfying combination but going out in the elements for longer periods may require a little more planning to get the best out of your juice.

At My E-Liquid Supplies, you can buy your wholesale unflavoured e liquid bases which will form the base of your e-liquid, and with a little few extras in preparation for your outdoor pastime, you can enjoy your vaping experience to its full.


Don a Drip Cap

Whilst you are enjoying outdoor pursuits, there will be elements of nature that can creep in and cause problems. Dirt, rain, mud, and sand can find their way inside your vape and turn your e-liquid enjoyment a little mucky, which is something we do not really want to encounter. But, a simple silicone drip tip cap can prevent any nasties working their way in and keep your e-cig fresh and free of bacteria. The caps are an inexpensive handy addon which will become a staple for your kit, and a regular fixture for in between those puffs.


Battery Backup is Best

If you are going to be out for a long or extended period, whether that is completing a long hike or rocking up for a few days at a festival, one crucial element to bear in mind is a great battery capacity on your device.

Before travelling out make sure you have charged and refilled your device and, depending on your vape, it is worth bringing extra batteries or even a portable battery charging pack. In terms of battery capacity, the larger the mAh the better capacity and battery the e-cigarette will have. Alongside the battery capacity, consider if you are using a higher wattage when you vape as this will run down the battery quicker.

If you are going to be outdoors a while, a good option is to buy your e-liquid in bulk, so you have plenty to stock up on and perhaps switch to a lower wattage vape with a higher resistance coil and, if your device has one, use your eco mode to ensure you have a hit to hand. You can also make things much easier and simpler by carrying our award winning Frunk Bar Disposal Vape Kits.


Show Your Lanyard Some Love

Often the overlooked piece of kit with your vaping device, the trusty lanyard can become your outdoor saviour when vaping on the go and in different terrains. Not only will this simple but effective piece of kit keep your e-cigarette safe, but it will keep your hands free when you are in need of them most. Instead of leaving your vape to languish in your pocket where it could become damaged or lost, the lanyard will ensure its safety and shield it from the elements under your layers of clothing.



So, whether you are planning to get out in the wilds of nature, to partake in an extreme outdoor sport or even just battle the crowds (and the potential rain) at a festival, a little vape prep will make all the difference and keep your juice from My E-Liquid Supplies to be enjoyed at its best.

If you have any other suggestions on how to best prepare for vaping outdoors, please leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list.

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