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6 Things to Know Before You Start Vaping


Starting Vaping Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

If you are thinking of quitting smoking, or have already taken the first steps, vaping can help in giving you some relief. However, new vapers must know some basics before they start the vaping process.

In this article, we will take you through the learning process, which will make you ready to vape correctly. Read on to find out.


Choosing the Right E-Cigarette Device

The first thing to learn before you start vaping is choosing the right e-cigarette for yourself. Most vaping sites recommend their own e-cigarettes as a part of their marketing campaign, and it’s overwhelming to decide which product to buy.

If you’re a hardcore smoker or just quit smoking cold-turkey, you probably need an e-cig and e-liquid that fulfils the nicotine craving your body is used to.

E-liquid comes in many different flavours, so it totally depends on your tastes which one to buy.

If you aren’t seeking pleasure with e-cigarettes and your only motive for vaping is to quit smoking, you would want to have a simple starter kit e-cigarette.

Nicotine addiction can be stressful if the nicotine levels get reduced in your body. For that, you’ll need disposable e-cigarettes. They will help in lowering nicotine addiction slowly and steadily, as you can simply use and dispose of them. These devices now come as vape pods, which are great as they contain nicotine salt, an ingredient that gives a similar nicotine satisfaction as smoking a real cigarette.

We stock a popular disposable vape pod product from N-One, that we know you’ll like.

However, if you want to consume nicotine in a safer way for the long-term, buying a rechargeable vaping device would be a more economical solution, such as a sub-ohm device.

Consider buying a cheaper device if you have a limited budget. Buying luxury vaping devices such as MODs or drippers seem lucrative, but they will do more damage to your wallet, and this situation might demotivate you to start vaping.


Choosing a Nicotine Strength

Nicotine is an alkaloid that is widely known as addictive. It is commonly extracted from the tobacco plant, which is until now, the only abundant source. You can also get a hold of synthetic nicotine, and these products are classed as TFN (tobacco free nicotine).

As we mentioned before, nicotine addiction can be reduced gradually by overcoming nicotine dosage in e-cigarettes. It’s the stimulating and relaxing cause of nicotine consumption, such as alertness and calmness, that ultimately keep one hooked.

So, if you are a vaping beginner who has just stopped smoking, you may need to consume some amount of nicotine to gradually help you quit. Few commercial e-liquids are nicotine-free, but most new vapers try those with nicotine included.

Before choosing the right nicotine strength for yourself, consider your smoking frequency and the device you will use for vaping.

If you use a vape juice with excessive nicotine, you will likely end up coughing and probably won’t vape ever again. If you use a vape juice with low nicotine, the whole vaping process won’t ever work for you, and the motive will not be fulfilled, i.e., quit smoking.


Choosing the Correct PG/VG Mix

PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable glycerine) are the most common e-liquid base ingredients, and you can even use them in a ratio mix. Both the bases are safe to intake as we commonly take them in other everyday items too.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one prescribed mix for all individuals, so you would need to explore which ratio is the best for yourself. Here are some common factors affected by the combination:

Throat Hit

Not everyone likes the sharp taste when they just start vaping. Some people just want to enjoy the process before diving deep into the vaping activity. PG provides more like a kick to the back of the throat than VG. If you’re looking for a strong flavour with throat-hit, you should go with more PG in your liquid.


Exhaling dense clouds of vapour is a whole new level of bragging. Some competitions require big cloud making to win, and doing vape tricks. In this case, more VG in the mix will do the trick.

Throat Relief

High VG fluids will give a smooth feeling to the throat, and it’s highly recommended for new vapers. Even if the flavour is low in VG, it can be countered by producing more vapour.

The Middle Ground

We recommend a simple blend of 50/50 PG/VG if it’s your first-time vaping, so you get the best of both worlds.


Picking the Right Flavour

Start vaping with a basic flavour that is to your personal taste. There is always a specific preference for a person when it comes to flavours. Whether he or she is buying an ice-cream or candy, there is still a favourite flavour.

If you truly want to discover the best vaping flavour, exploring different samples is the only option. Go to a vaping shop and check several samples before you buy one.

Another point when picking up the right vaping flavour is to think whether you’re a single flavour or a multi-flavour lover. It’s good for beginners to start vaping with a basic and predictive flavour and later move on to multi-flavour fluids, when they begin enjoying the vaping process.

Be careful, though! There is something called the “vapers tongue”, and this is caused by vaping the same flavour for extended periods of time, and will result in the flavour not tasting as potent. In this case, we recommend you to switch up flavours from time to time.


Maintaining the Device & Tank

Even if your e-cigarette device doesn’t cost much, we advise you to do maintenance. Failure to do so eventually costs money and time waste, and most importantly not being able to enjoying vaping, if something goes wrong.

Follow these easy steps for maintaining a vaping device and its tank:

1. Keep your vaping device away from heat and humid conditions.
2. Keep your e-cigarette upright when not in use.
3. Clean your battery terminals for maximum and uninterrupted vaping performance.
4. Let your batteries fully charge (for rechargeable battery devices).
5. Keep the batteries away from direct sunlight, and replace them when they need to be.
6. Wash the thank and mouthpiece regularly, especially if you’re changing the coil.
7. Do not overfill the e-liquid tank. Overfilling might cause liquid damage to the device.
8. Do not let your e-liquid tank dry. Doing so will result in bad taste or even burning the atomiser and cotton.
9. Do not over-screw your vaping device components.
10. Don’t drop your device.


Vaping Etiquette

Now that you have learned all the technicalities to start vaping, etiquettes are the last but the most important lesson to know for a new vaper.

Most people think vaping is safe for all because it doesn’t contain tobacco. But it’s never the case, and you should never use it freely everywhere. If you’re sitting with a non-smoker, ask his permission to vape first.

You wouldn’t want to vape over the faces of other outsiders. Find a place with less of a crowd and take out your vaping device to enjoy making vape clouds.

Don’t vape indoors or in public spaces. Be a responsible citizen, and don’t act offensively.

Avoid vaping when children or pets are around. This activity may be harmful for them.



Now that you’ve learnt all about the things you need to know to start vaping, and how to give up on smoking, you are free to jumpstart your journey.

If we missed anything, feel free to write a comment below.

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