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Ultimate E-Liquid Steeping Guide in 2021


Best Ways to Steep Your E-juice for Flavour – Steeping Made Easy

Over the years, lovers of e-juice have had some major complaints. Why does my e-juice taste sweet at first then lose its flavour over time? How do I extract as much flavour as I want from my e-juice? Can I mix my e-liquids better?

In this discourse, we will answer those questions, we will also consider diverse methods you can use to extract more flavour and have a satisfactory experience when vaping. The good news is that these methods are totally safe and can be done right at home.

Before we dive deep, let us explain steeping.


So, What Is Steeping All About?

Steeping is when you allow dry ingredients to soak in a liquid until the liquid takes on the flavour of the dry ingredients. A popular example is a bag of tea. When we want to take tea, we soak the tea bag in hot water; we also stir and press on the tea bag briefly, to extract as much flavour as possible.

Steeping can be defined as putting a solid in water, and this softens the solid. When we refer to steeping e-juice, there is no solid involved that can be dissolved, so the idea changes a bit. In this context, steeping refers to leaving the vape juice to age, to overall achieve a better flavour. This can be done in different ways.

Just like in your tank. When you leave e-liquid in there, it tastes better, right?

This is a simple way to explain steeping. Steeping drastically enhances the taste of your e-liquid; it is one of the best and safest ways used to improve the mix profile.

The normal procedure that vapers use is this: they open a bottle of e-juice, put the liquid inside the e-cig tank, and then vape straight away. This method is not the best because it is not recommended to get the most flavour out of some e-liquids.

The steeping process is used to recover the mouth-watering, lost flavour. Many vapers have sworn that the time used to improve the liquid is totally worth it.

We have proven that steeping is great. Next, we will teach you the nitty-gritty of steeping, and how it can totally improve your e-liquid’s flavour, as well as how to correctly do it. We have also provided advise and information for all users of electronic cigarettes.


The Proper Way to Steep

A lot of vapers open the lid, shake the bottle periodically, and then let it stay idle for a while, before proceeding to fill their tank. Some vapers also prefer to leave the lid closed after shaking the bottle.

Other vapers go the extra mile and use both methods, by letting the coil soak up the liquid into the cotton for 30 minutes, before they start to vape.

Vapers do this because the ingredients in e-liquids cannot easily combine chemically. It is for this reason they do not immediately mix when you first create juice. Examples of ingredients that are not chemically compatible are: PG, VG, flavours and nicotine. This is not to say that there are no available liquids that taste totally fine without all the extra effort.

Steeping is considered a way to tackle a phenomenon called “vaper’s tongue”. Vaper’s tongue is the weakness of your tongue, after tasting the same flavour over and over again, without switching, for a while.

However, we know that taste differs because it is subjective. So people who are satisfied with the taste of their e-liquids do not need steeping.

Ultimately, although steeping is not classed as a requirement; it is still a great resource that will enhance your vaping experience.


Can Any E-liquid Be Steeped?

It is possible to carry out this with all e-liquid flavours.

Darker and stronger flavours, mixed flavours, and desserts, will need a longer steep time, as these flavours are potent. Some potent flavours that have a chemical taste also need steeping for longer periods, as this will get rid of that taste.

Since there is still much novelty about vaping, because of its decade inception, so questions or often asked. For example, like “Once an e-liquid is made, how long should we wait before using it?”, or the “How long should we let it steep for a full flavour?”. These questions cannot be precisely answered. Right now, there are no rules, it can be determined by our individual experience.

The important thing to know is that ingredients, when stored correctly, often have a shelf life of two years, from manufacture.

When you leave the bottle open for a while you are essentially steeping it. It’s the same when you shake the bottle, or let it sit in the e-cigarette tank. You are not vaping the liquid at those moments, so in essence you are actually steeping without knowing.


How to Steep Your E Liquid Properly?

First of all, steeping takes time. Generally between 1-4 weeks, depending on the type of flavour.

A new bottle can be put it in a dark place like a cupboard or drawer (away from the reach of children and pets). The place must be hidden, dry, dark and cool. This is what we call the “normal method”. Another way is to hold the bottles once a day, and shake the bottles sporadically, to hasten things, but we recommend that you leave them for few days before attempting this. So, it is advisable during the steeping phase to have enough extra e-liquids for vaping, so you don’t feel like you’ve missed out.

The best methods are listed and explained below:-

Breathe Vape Juice

Breathing is when you let the e-liquid bottles sit in the dark, with their caps off, for a few hours.

We do recommend not to do this for too long, as you can risk spilling the liquids or even oxidising the nicotine. Generally, half day or a full day is enough, especially for fruit flavours.

Streath Vape Juice

Streathing is steeping and breathing together, it’s a combination. It’s the best and most used method to get the true flavour out of your e-juice.

We recommend the following method for streathing: Shake the bottles whilst they have their tops on, and then run them under a warm tap for a few minutes. Once done, leave them in a secluded place, in the dark, where it’s cool – be sure to have the tops off during this period.

Boiling water should not be used, don’t exceed 60c. You can also put the bottles in a zip-lock bag or submerged in a bath/basin, to make things easier.

(Placing the bottles in uncooked rice and then in the microwave is another method, but we won’t talk about this as you don’t want the bottles exploding!)

Now, twice a day, press the bottles to let the air out, and be careful to not spill the contents. Do this for 1 day.

After this phase, put the tops back on and shake well. You can now leave the bottles in the same dark place with the tops on, for 1-4 weeks, depending on the flavour, and shake once daily.

What Does Streathing Do?

Streathing make the liquid ingredients harmonise and mix together properly, so true tastes are released. This makes the ingredients in the e-juice more miscible, chemically speaking.

The VG is thinned out, ultimately, but it doesn’t affect cloud production, and eventually thickens up again after some time, and releases explosive flavour!

Using An Ultrasonic Cleaner

You most really love vaping to invest in one of these sonic mixers!

Placing the bottles in a sonic mixer that has warm water in, is the best method. It lets the vibrations pass through the bottles and liquids, which in return stimulates the vape juice, and steeps it rapidly after a short amount of time. Just like a vibration plate.

A magnetic stirrer is also helpful in the process, as you can steep large amounts on the stirring plate.


How Do I Know The E-Juice Is Ready to Vape?

It is always recommended not to accelerate the steeping process, (unless you have an ultrasonic cleaner on hand), as natural is always the best.

Whichever method you choose, the main thing is to do thing right and properly. Never rush.

Steeping times mainly depend on the flavours. Fruit flavours can take 1-3 days, and darker flavours and tobacco and desserts we recommended for much longer, such as a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 4.

It’s all your own subjective taste, after all. The longer the rest period, the better most of them will taste.

Liquids can get darker over the steeping period, and it is considered natural. The liquid colours can also change or dissipate.

Is It Possible to Over-Steep E-Liquid?

Yes, it is possible to over-steep an e-juice.

Just like with wine, it tastes better with more rest. However, speeding such a process without knowledge can cause the composition of the liquid to be damaged.

Over-steeping will generally happen if you leave that bottles to rest for several years, or by overheating them.



Steeping, ultimately, is the “natural ageing of e-liquid”. Steeping has been described as an art by many artisans.

When you purchase new liquids they taste fine at first, but after using them for a while you will notice they will start losing flavour and taste. However, once again, this can be a subjective matter and not everyone will feel this way. It is all based on preference.

Our premium branded vape juice are pre-steeped.

Our bulk e-juice are freshly mixed. They all taste even more fantastic when steeped, and don’t take too long. Purchase our cheap bulk e-liquid, as you won’t find these prices elsewhere.

Did you enjoy reading this post? Please do not forget to check back often! We will be posting more on our blog about vape juice and e-cigs.

If we’ve missed any steeping methods be sure to leave a comment below, so we can add it to the list.

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